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Keratoconus Management

Keratoconus is a condition of the cornea that causes severe astigmatism and visual distortion. Many patients with Keratoconus cannot wear soft disposable contact lenses or eyeglasses comfortably. Therapeutic Contact Lenses, also known as Speciality Contact Lenses, are commonly prescribed to help patient’s with Keratoconus achieve focused and comfortable vision. 

Our Doctors are certified in fitting SynergEyes Hybrid and Scleral Lenses, Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses and Special Eyes Soft Custom Lenses.


These contact lenses are also great therapeutic tools for patients with Keratitis Sicca (extreme dry eye), for visual correction after Corneal Transplants or LASIK and to correct high prescriptions not correctable by standard disposable contact lenses.

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