Glaucoma Management

About Glaucoma Management



While there are many types of Glaucoma, they mostly all behave in the same way. Pressure builds up inside the eyeball causing damage to the Optic Nerve, this damage causes blindness. In its onset, Glaucoma is typically asymptomatic therefore early detection of Glaucoma is key in preventing permanent vision loss.

Whose at risk? Anyone can be at risk for Glaucoma, higher risks have been identified in those with a family history, those who are diabetic, use nicotine products or have a high eyeglass perception. In our office we monitor for Glaucoma at every visit by measuring your eye pressure and evaluating the health of your Optic Nerve. Your Doctor will identify your risk factors and recommend additional testing and treatment when necessary.

Our testing battery includes Humphrey Visual Field, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Imaging, Pachymetry and Corneal Hysteresis measurement.

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