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The Contact Lens Exam

Updated: May 26, 2021

By: Dr. Julia Simon Dunnavant

Sep 26, 2018

Often, patients who have worn contacts successfully for years wonder why they need another contact lens exam. The truth is, the FDA categorizes contact lenses, prescription or cosmetic, as medical devices that cannot be purchased without a valid prescription.

In New Jersey, a contact lens prescription expires annually; that means, once a year an eye doctor must reevaluate your eyes for contact lens wear.

Most vision insurance plans consider the contact lens fitting as an additional service and require that they are fit separately from the annual comprehensive eye exam.

In order to properly prescribe contact lenses optometric physicians must complete several additional tests:

  • Evaluation of the eyes for diseases or conditions that may complicate safe contact lens use, this also allows us to determine which material and wearing schedule is most appropriate for you

  • Determination of the proper contact lens size and shape based on the curvature and the size of your eyes

  • Calculation of the proper prescription based on your eyeglass correction

  • Examination of the contact lens on your eyes to ensure proper alignment and movement over the cornea

Every patient and every eye is different, your eye doctor is committed to providing you with an individualized contact lens fitting to ensure another year of healthy seeing!

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